1. The soft sound of feet walking on a hard surface
    I could hear the patter of the burglar, so I hid in the linen closet.
  2. One who pats
  3. Glib and rapid speech, such as from an auctioneer, or banter during a sports event

6 letters in word "patter": A E P R T T.

No anagrams for patter found in this word list.

Words found within patter:

ae ape aper apert apt apter ar are aret arett art at ate att ea ear eat er era et eta etat pa par pare part pat pate pater patte pe pea pear peart peat per pert pet petar prat prate pratt pre rap rape rapt rat rate re reap rep ret ta tae tap tape taper tapet tar tare tarp tart tat tate tater te tea tear teat tepa tet tetra trap trape trapt trat treat tret